Certification Board

Meet the NCBTMB Certification Board

The NCBTMB Certification Board is responsible for all aspects of Board Certification, including developing certification criteria and examinations, evaluating candidates for certification, and maintaining the integrity of the certification process. The Certification Board ensures that NCBTMB maintains its status as an accredited certifying body within the massage therapy profession.


Dolly Wallace, LMT, BCTMB

(Term ends February 28, 2025)

Dolly Wallace is a graduate of Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, MI and has gone on to complete several additional courses in Business Administration, Marketing, Criminal Justice, and Pre-Law. She has maintained a local massage therapy practice for over 30 years as a licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist, and has served the profession on various local and national levels throughout her career. Most notably, Dolly has actively served AMTA since 1988 in various roles, including MI AMTA Chapter Treasurer, National Standing Government Relations Chair, Board of Directors, President of AMTA Board of Directors, and, most recently, Immediate Past President.

Dolly has been NCBTMB Board Certified since 1994. She is the 2018 Florida Chiropractic Association Massage Therapist of the Year, received the 2010 AMTA National Distinguished Service Award, and was recognized as the 2006 National Outstanding Volunteer Group Chair Award among other accomplishments.

Chris Deery
Practitioner Member

Chris Deery, LMT, BCTMB

(Term ends February 29, 2024)

Christopher Deery is an accomplished and well-respected practitioner with a passion for massage therapy education and giving back to the profession. Christopher has practiced massage therapy in several different settings such as; salon/spa, physical therapy clinic and private practice. He has been involved with the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 2003, serving in many volunteer and elected roles including serving as president of AMTA. Christopher recognizes the importance of research literacy and the advancement of massage therapy in health care.  

Christopher has been Board Certified for over two decades. He believes Board Certification is “a reflection of the professionals that wield it, not just the organization that fosters and supports its operation.” Additionally, he believes, “The key to increasing understanding of Board Certification is nurturing it, and allowing it to evolve – stronger and better as the defining characteristic of professional massage therapists.”

Practitioner Member

Crista De la Garza, LMT, BCTMB

(Term ends February 28, 2025)

Crista de la Garza owns her own massage therapy practice that combines her experience and love of massage with her love of yoga, art, and dance.  Formerly, she was an instructor at the BCMT Boulder School of Massage, where her main responsibilities were teaching ethics and communications skills.  Currently, Crista is pursuing her master’s degree in higher education.

Crista has been board certified since 2005. She is also an NCBTMB Approved Provider.  She believes the value of board certification is in the “professional integrity, occupational reputation, health industry referral trust, and community confidence” it represents for massage therapists. Crista believes that, “NCBTMB holds space for massage therapists to commit to a code of ethics that are in their best interests. With this entity, there is a platform for human rights, positive change in professional behaviors, and opportunity to have greater health literacy for massage therapists that educate their communities.”

Practitioner Member

Matthew S. Gavzy, LMT, BCTMB

(Term ends February 28, 2026)

Matthew Gavzy combines his physical therapy and massage therapy training in private practice using orthopedic, sports massage and acute/chronic pain management techniques with clients. Gavzy also previously provided chair massage in corporate environments to various local and national clients across the country.

Gavzy has been Board Certified since 1995 and is also an Approved Provider. He believes the value of certification is “that it allows therapists to differentiate themselves from others in the industry. The Board certification requires a higher level of education and understanding of massage to attain the certification designation. It shows the public that a Board Certified massage therapist has gone above with education and the desire to be the best therapist they can be.”

nicole photo_smaller
Public Member

Nicole G. Zeger, M.A.

(Term ends February 28, 2026)

Nicole Zeger is a seasoned educator with a solid focus on ethics, philosophy, and religious studies. Currently an instructor for the American InterContinental University Online, she is described by her colleagues as a leader who “readily embraces and promotes diversity.” Having worked at various institutions as both an instructor and Certification Coordinator, she understands the importance of program standards, the value of certification, and the necessity of communication these concepts effectively.

Nicole is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Past educator experience include notable roles as Adjunct and Associate Faculty Member for City University of Seatlle, Moraine Valley Community College, and Victory Valley Community College, to name a few.