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    Approved Providers For Continuing Education

    A NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider (APCE)—commonly referred to as an Approved Provider or AP—is a massage therapy continuing education instructor or organization that has exhibited quality instruction of the highest standards throughout the profession.

    For over two decades, NCBTMB’s Program has served as a key component of its certification program to ensure Certificants have access to reliable, credible, high-quality massage therapy continuing education throughout their careers. In addition, NCBTMB serves as the entity liable for approving continuing education for many states for licensure renewal.

    Board Certificants must re-certify every two years and are required to earn 24 credits from a NCBTMB Approved Provider within that two-year period—meaning the highest quality massage therapists and bodyworkers will be seeking out your classes to further improve their knowledge and skills.

    For a full list of all AP/CE FAQs, click here.

    Reminder: Be sure to review acceptable and unacceptable content, as it is routinely updated.

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    Approved Provider Requirements

    • Meet NCBTMB’s AP Instructor Qualifications

    • Necessary course documentation (course description, learning outcomes, course outline)

    • Must have taught the course at least 1 time within the last year to a group of 5 or more participants

    • Completed feedback forms from 5+ participants

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    Approved Provider Costs

    • $225 for individuals

    • $450 for organizations or conference/tradeshow providers

    • $35 per new course submitted

    • $50 for New York Sponsorship approval