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    NCBTMB Assigned School Code Program

    At NCBTMB, we preach the power of education. That’s why we believe schools like yours are crucial to the success of our future massage therapists and bodyworkers. With 400+ Assigned Schools nationwide, NCBTMB continues to partner with educational institutions to ensure massage school programs reflect a national standard of excellence with graduates who demonstrate a mastery of core knowledge and skills. Every time one of your students passes the NCBTMB Board Certification exam, they stand as a testament to the merit of your institution.

    A NCBTMB Assigned School Code is required for students or graduates of your school’s massage therapy program(s) to sit for the Board Certification Exam. Students may not achieve Board Certification if your school does not have this code.

    For a complete list of Assigned School FAQs, click here.

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    Assigned School Program Requirements

    • Minimum 500-hour program

    • 125-hours of instruction in the body’s systems, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology

    • 200-hours of in-class, on-campus, supervised hands-on instruction in assessment, theory, and application instruction

    • 40-hours of pathology

    • 10-hours of business and ethics instruction (min. 6-hours in ethics)

    • 125-hours of instruction in an area or related that theoretically completes your massage program of study


    • Non-Accredited Schools: All 500 hours of core curriculum must be live, in class with an instructor present. NCBTMB no longer accepts online learning in core curriculum for Non-Accredited programs. Click here for additional requirements.
    • Accredited Schools: NCBTMB will accept a portion of classes via Learning Management System (LMS). Click here for additional information and requirements.
    • ALL Schools: The minimum 500-hour core curriculum must be in Western-based massage therapy education.
    • In addition, all education submitted on the Assigned School application must meet NCBTMB's acceptable course content guidelines. In addition, all course content and curriculum must be acceptable within the state the school is located. Applications will be rejected if they list information that NCBTMB does not accept, no matter the length of the program.
    • NCBTMB only accepts applications from schools within the United States or its territories for the Assigned School program.  The only exception is if a school outside of the United States or its territories holds accreditation from a third-party agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.  Please note that even if a school located outside of the United States and is accredited, education provided there may not qualify for state licensure.  It is the responsibility of the individual prospective student to verify acceptance of education with state massage licensing boards.
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    Renewal Information

    Your school will be required to maintain and renew your Assigned School Code every two years or five years, depending on if you are a Non-Accredited or Accredited School. There are no renewal fees.