BCTMB Annual Survey

BCTMB Annual Survey

This compilation of data was gathered by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) from active Board Certificants (BCTMBs). This data provides an overview of the current state of BCTMBs, as well as further defines how BCTMBs separate themselves from entry-level and licensed massage therapists.


Today’s Board Certified Massage Therapist Profile:

  • 52 years of age
  • Describes him/herself as a Sole Practitioner
  • NCBTMB Certified for an average of 15 years or more



Average BCTMB Work:

  • BCTMBs report earning an average yearly income of $33,139
  • BCTMBs report earning an average $67/per hour for massage-related work
  • BCTMBs report dedicating an average of 19 hours per week performing massage therapy in his/her office
  • BCTMBs report spending most of their time (average of 21 hours) performing massage in a hospital, medical office, or other clinical environment
  • In an average month, BCTMBs report performing massage therapy services on 51 clients; nearly 80% of which are returning/repeat clients and 20% of which are new clients







Average BCTMB Educational Profile:


  • BCTMBs report achieving 600+ supervised in-class hours during his/her formal massage therapy program
  • BCTMBs report they are likely to achieve an additional, non-massage related degree program (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree)
  • BCTMBs report they complete an average of 23 CEs per year