Online Practice Exam FAQs

Online Practice Exam FAQs

Custom designed by massage therapy educators to provide students, teachers and administrators an innovative one-stop exam prep resource, the Online Practice Exam is the only study tool created by NCBTMB for the NCBTMB Board Certification exam.

Better yet, the Online Practice Exam contains Level 1 questions that will help you to prepare for any entry-level licensing examination. Level 2 questions will best prepare you for the Board Certification (BCETMB) exam.

Click here to purchase the Online Practice Exam.

NCBTMB’s Online Practice Exam was custom designed by a dedicated group of massage therapy educators to assist students, teachers, and administrators in preparation for Board Certification, as well as entry level licensing exams.

The Online Practice Exam is a single study tool created by NCBTMB to help you prepare for your both entry-level state licensure exam, as well as the Board Certification exam.

The Online Practice Exam was designed with students, teachers, and current practitioners in mind. Depending on your use of the Online Practice Exam, you may experience various benefits.

A few benefits of NCBTMB’s Online Practice Exam:

  • Over 2,600 practice exam questions custom designed by expert leaders throughout the massage and bodywork profession.
  • Realistic exam questions from each of the relevant exam categories.
  • Detailed, personalized reports to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Peace of mind and a feeling of preparedness when sitting for a licensure or NCBTMB’s Board Certification exam.

Student Benefits:

  • Gain affordable access to thousands of entry-level questions that will prepare you for any entry-level licensure examination, as well as the BCETMB.
  • Save on costs with discounted rates when your school purchases subscriptions in bulk.
  • Practice with questions that are similar to those on the actual examinations.
  • Compare scores of your last three practice exams to see how you have improved.

Instructor Benefits:

  • Get customizable testing and automated scoring.
  • Receive valuable real-time assessments of student performance.
  • See improvement on overall student performance.
  • Deep discounted savings when your school purchases subscriptions in bulk.

Click here to purchase the Online Practice Exam.

The Online Practice Exam consists of over 2,600 practice exam questions designed by expert massage therapy educators throughout the profession. Additionally, the Online Practice Exam contains specific and realistic exam questions from each of the relevant exam categories you need to know for any entry-level licensing exam, as well as for the Board Certification exam.

NCBTMB’s Online Practice Exam is the only study tool created by NCBTMB for the NCBTMB Board Certification Exam. With over 2,600 practice exam questions to choose from—and hundreds of questions from each relevant exam category—it is the most realistic study tool available.

While NCBTMB’s Online Practice Exam is meant to help prepare you for the exam, use of this product does not guarantee a passing exam score. Additionally, it is far more important to understand the meaning behind the questions and answers—simply memorizing answers will not provide an adequate exam score or deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Several affordable pricing options are available:

  • $29.97 for one-month subscription
  • $49.97 for three-month subscription
  • $79.97 for six-month subscription

To purchase the Online Practice Exam, click here.

Please purchase the Online Practice Exam by visiting our partner, TestRun, and registering at the following link:

If you are first-time user, please click the “Register” button and follow the appropriate instructions.

Once you complete your subscription purchase, a personalized link will be emailed to you. If for any reason that link does not work, you may access the Online Practice Exam at

The Online Practice Exam is available 24/7, 365 days a year—so you can practice on your own time and at your own pace.

Yes. Please visit and click “Register.” Follow the appropriate instructions to purchase your desired subscription.

Purchasing the Online Practice Exam is only one step towards best preparing yourself for your entry level licensing exam or Board Certification exam. Here’s a few tips from VP of Educational Support, Donna Sarvello, on how you can make the most of your study time with the Online Practice Exam:

  • Keep books near you. Look up terms you don’t understand rather than skipping over them.
  • Don’t just memorize questions and answers—truly work on understanding the concepts so you can apply your new knowledge to other relevant exam questions.
  • Don’t skip over words or terminology you don’t know. Look them up.
  • Own the material. Digest it. This is a TOOL—use it that way!

Most importantly: There are no tools that guarantee that you will pass any test. This tool will show you similar questions and answers that will be on entry level licensure exams and the Board Certification exam. Understanding the terminology on the tests and how the exam questions are written will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to pass a test. As stated above, you must understand every word and digest the material.

In short, it all depends on your learning style. From the day you sign up to take the NCBTMB Board Certification exam, you have three months to take the exam. That may be the perfect opportunity to purchase a three-month subscription. Ask yourself what will be best for you and make your decision based on that. There is no right or wrong time to purchase the Online Practice Exam.

Need help? Contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-296-0664 or email us at Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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