Why should I take the MTAC?

Why should I take the MTAC?

Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned therapist, the MTAC is a valuable tool should you plan to pursue Board Certification or simply want to know where you are with your knowledge and skill set.

As the purpose of the MTAC is to provide you with an assessment of your personalized strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the Board Certification Exam, this tool will allow you to see which areas to study/improve upon prior to attempting the Board Certification Exam.

The MTAC provides you with a total percentage score, as well as a percentage score per category. Such a personalized breakdown empowers you to determine which areas to improve upon prior to attempting the Board Certification Exam. The assessment also reflects how well you have digested and maintained key information learned in core curriculum.

The MTAC is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions and is graded in raw score format. The tool assesses various areas reflective of both the Board Certification Exam and core curriculum, including: Massage Modalities, Techniques and Manual Forces, Applied Science (Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology/Injury, and Pharmacology), Professional Communication, Professionalism and Ethics, Laws and Business Practices, Self Care, and Assessment.

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