Why it is essential to become or maintain my NCBTMB AP status as a CE provider?

Why it is essential to become or maintain my NCBTMB AP status as a CE provider?

NCBTMB reviews all approved CE provider courses. This helps to ensure that the CE courses MTs take will be within NCBTMB’s acceptable content.  Additionally, CE providers must supply their educational and practical background as well as their teaching experience.  It is also necessary for each instructor to hold a practice pilot course for at least 5 individuals, or had prior formal teaching experience.  These processes will also help to procure a highly qualified educator and overall better educational experience.

A large percentage of states have NCBTMB written in their CE rules for renewal of licenses.  Massage Therapists like to move around between states, and each state has different educational hourly requirements. So, the NCBTMB approved CE courses may also be applied towards those hourly requirements, if your foundation education needs to be bolstered to obtain licensure in another state.

Since many states do require the CE courses to be NCBTMB approved, many MTs rely on the NCBTMB website course listings to find their Approved CE Provider courses.  Also, Board Certificants must take courses approved by NCBTMB for certification renewal.

Lastly, all NCBTMB Approved CE Providers agree to uphold the NCBTMB Approved CE Provider Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  When spending your time, money, and energy to invest in your professional development, it is wise to make that investment with someone who is also committed to go through, and maintain the processes which establish their credibility as a professional educator.