Which type of certificates should I give to participants once a course is completed?

Which type of certificates should I give to participants once a course is completed?

Certificates of Completion: A Certificate of Completion is given when participants attend a live course. Each must be present for 100 % of the class. If a class is two days long, and the participant misses the second day of class, he/she must make up the hours missed at a later date. A Certificate of Completion may not be given for completing ½ of a class.

People may not receive ½ credit for only completing ½ the class unless the Approved Provider has the class listed as so with NCBTMB. An example: If an AP teaches Myofascial: Upper Body (16hrs), Myofascial: Upper Extremities (8hrs), and Myofascial: Torso (8hrs) and both Upper Extremities and Torso are the breakdown of the Upper Body, the participant may receive a Certificate of Completion for the section taken, the day he/she was present.

Certificates of Completion may also be given for people attending and participating in a live webinar if the AP can ensure the participant is present throughout the webinar, through technology or video.

Certificates of Achievement: A Certificate of Achievement is given when participants must pass a test (written or practical) at the end of a course. Home study and distant learning (when an instructor is not present) require a test to ensure participants have completed the course content. Written tests are required to be multiple choice, Essay or practical evaluations. 70% is a minimum passing grade for all types of examinations. Grading procedures and minimal passing grades must be posted prior to testing.

  • Written exams may be multiple choice with 4 answers to choose from. The information must be factual and based on current research and may not be subjective in nature: there must be a correct answer.
  • Essay questions must be developed to test the participant’s retention of knowledge of material. Yes/No/Maybe are not sufficient answers for Essay questions.

Practical evaluations may be given as a testing option. An Approved Provider organization may have instructors located throughout the country that can give practical exams once a course is completed.

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