What is considered acceptable core curriculum content?

What is considered acceptable core curriculum content?

Acceptable core curriculum content includes:

  • Applications of massage and bodywork therapy for specific needs, conditions, or client populations
  • Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
  • Research literacy
  • Client assessment protocols, skills for client record keeping, strategies for interfacing with other health care providers
  • Use of external agents such as water, heat, cold, or topicals
  • Body-centered or somatic psychology, psychophysiology, interpersonal skills – which may include communication skills, boundary functions, phenomena of transference, counter-transference and projection
  • Standards of practice, professional ethics or state laws
  • Strategies for the marketing of massage and bodywork therapy practices
  • Theory or practice of ergonomic science as applied to therapist or client
  • Hygiene, methods of infectious disease control, organization and management of the treatment environment
  • The use of massage therapy tools and their specific needs (tools may not be sold during class time and the instructor must be able to supply students with the tools during class)
  • Working with the muscles within the oral cavity for specific treatments, i.e. working on the masseter muscle in conjunction with TMJ Disorder
  • Self-care courses concentrating on nutrition and/or diet only, but only as it enhances the learner’s knowledge about the practice of massage therapy

To become an NCBTMB Assigned School and receive an Assigned School Code, you must meet our minimum 500-hour curriculum requirements in Western based massage therapy education.

Non-Accredited Schools: All 500 hours of core curriculum must be live, in class with an instructor present. NCBTMB no longer accepts online learning in core curriculum.

Accredited Schools: NCBTMB will accept a portion of classes via Learning Management System (LMS). Click here for more information.