What is an Assigned School Code?

What is an Assigned School Code?

An Assigned School Code is a six-digit reference number assigned to a school by NCBTMB. To obtain an assigned school code, the primary contact person for the school must:

  • Create account with NCBTMB at www.ncbtmb.org
  • Once logged in, click “Initial Applications” from the Quick Links menu
  • Complete and submit the “Assigned School Initial Application” form

Please be aware that there are two separate forms—one for Accredited schools and a second for Non-Accredited schools.

A student or school’s use of this code enables efficient processing of student applications by NCBTMB. A code that has been assigned to a school indicates that the school’s program meets NCBTMB’s requirements, and consequently, that its graduate’s meet NCBTMB’s eligibility requirements relating to educational background.