What is a CE hour?

What is a CE hour?

Continuing education hours (CEs): Rationale for the CEs offered for a course must be based on the content presented in the course. Approved providers must provide documentation to support assignment of CE hours when courses are approved. All CEs must be clearly documented for participants prior to purchasing the course. CEs awarded must be in whole or half hour increments only.

Face to face course:

  • CEs for face to face education experiences should match the number of hours of instructions based on a 50 minute hour (meal breaks are excluded from instruction time)
  • Break times may not be missed between hours to be added to meal times or at the end of class to allow for early departure from class
  • CEs are not awarded for meal breaks or break times lasting more than 20 minutes.  Only the structured learning time is eligible to aware CEs

Home study courses:

  • Below are suggested minimal criteria that may be used for assigning CEs to home study courses:
  • 12,000 words read equals 1 CE
  • One hour of video or audio equals 1 CE
  • Providers may document additional CEs for course work beyond the word count (i.e. reflective assignments, additional reading).
  • No additional CEs may be given beyond those approved unless the course is re-submitted for approval

Approved Providers may also work with an instructional designer to determine CE hours. Instructional designer must provide documentation of assignment of CE hours. Contact NCBTMB staff for additional information at ce@ncbtmb.org.