What are transcripts and what information should they display?

What are transcripts and what information should they display?

Approved Providers may use the transcripts located on the NCBTMB website. These may be changed and altered to fit the Approved Provider’s needs, available at: https://www.ncbtmb.org/formstoolslogos.

Other important notes:

  • Participant transcripts must be made available for all participants upon request. Transcripts are a cumulative record of all courses taken by a specific participant. Administration and maintenance of continuing education participant transcripts and other education records are stored separately from the transcripts/educational records of core curriculum students.
  • All participant records are confidential and can only be reproduced by written permission of the participant. All transcript or record requests by participants must be handled in a timely manner.
  • Sign-in sheets do not satisfy the requirements for a participant’s transcripts or records.

Important information on Course Hour Ranges: Several Approved Providers teach full courses in a certain modality or subject matter and then shorten these courses to meet the needs of conference or school venues. In these situations, NCBTMB asks that you submit the name of the course and number of CEs the course will be taught. NCBTMB will then enter this course to your profile information.

If your full course in a specific modality is segregated into different areas of the body, and taught as different areas of the body as stand-alone courses, please submit these courses under the full version of the course. If the main course is already added to the website, please email ce@ncbtmb.org, give your Approved Provider number, the name of the full course and the names of the segregated courses beneath it, with a brief explanation describing that you would like the specific courses listed as divisions of the main course.

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