What are NCBTMB’s administration, registration, cancellation, and refund policies?

What are NCBTMB’s administration, registration, cancellation, and refund policies?

Registration, Cancellation, and Refund Policies: All Approved Providers are required to have written policies regarding the registration, cancellation, and refund of your courses. The explanation should be easily accessible and include:

  • How participants are registered
  • Deadlines for registration
  • Payment and fee information
  • Cancellation policy
  • Refund policy

Instructor Evaluations: Evaluation forms should be given to each student/participant at the end of each course to complete and submit to the instructor. This will enable the instructor to use this feedback to strengthen weaknesses improving the quality of teaching and the course. Student evaluation forms are available on the NCBTMB Resource Center here: https://shop.ncbtmb.org/formstools/ 

Certificates and Transcripts: At the end of each separate course, a Certificate must be given to a student/participant who has completed the course. APs are welcome to utilize the certificate templates found on the NCBTMB Resource Center here: https://shop.ncbtmb.org/formstools/.

Additionally,  if you charge an extra fee for a CE certificate, this must be communicated, and agreed to, by each participant upon registration of the course.

It is important to understand the different between certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion: A Certificate of Completion is given to a participant who has attended 100 % of a live course.
  • Certificate of Achievement: A Certificate of Achievement is given to a participant who has passed some type of written or practical exam; passing a quiz is required for home study courses to ensure the participant has completed the courses work. Therefore, all home study courses instructors must complete Certificates of Achievement.
    • Exception: If a test is mandatory for a live course and a participant has been excused from taking the test, the instructor has the right to offer a Certificate of Completion

Each Certificate (Achievement and/or Completion) must contain the following information:

  • Participant’s name
  • Course title
  • Course type (live, home study, webinar; if a course has both a live portion and home study, each must be spelled out)
  • Course completion date
  • Number of CE hours granted (CEUs are not CE hours; certificates are incorrect if hours are counted as CEUs)
  • Each CE equals one (1) hour of class (50-minutes of classroom activities and a 10-minute break)
    • 10-minute breaks may not be saved and added to meal breaks or added to the end of class for early dismissal
  • The Approved Provider’s Name as submitted on the application
  • The Provider’s contact information: mailing address, email, phone number
  • The NCBTMB Approved Provider number
  • Signature of the Approved Provider
    • Organizations should have the signature line of the administrator of the organization and also the instructor who taught the course

Continuing Education Transcripts: Approved Providers may use the transcripts located on the NCBTMB Resource Center here https://shop.ncbtmb.org/formstools/. These may be altered to fit your needs.

  • Participant transcripts must be made available for all participants upon request.
  • Transcripts are a cumulative record of all courses taken by a specific participant. Administration and maintenance of continuing education participant transcripts and other education records are stored separately from the transcripts/educational records of core curriculum students.
  • All participant records are confidential and can only be reproduced by written permission of the participant.
  • All transcript or record requests by participants must be handled in a timely manner.
  • Sign-in sheets do not satisfy the requirements for a participant’s transcripts or record.

Course Hour Ranges: Several Approved Providers teach full courses in a certain modality or subject matter, and then shorten these courses to meet the needs of a conference or school. In these situations, NCBTMB asks that you submit the name of the course and number of CEs the course will be taught. NCBTMB will then enter this course to your profile information.

If your full course, in a specific modality, is segregated into different areas of the body, and taught as different areas of the body as stand-alone courses, please submit these courses under the full version of the course. If the main course is already added to the website, please submit an “Existing Course Change/Update” Form (accessible within your NCBTMB account). List the segregated courses as secondary courses of the main course.

Schools Offering Continuing Education: Schools that offer a core curriculum exceeding 500-hours and covers material such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, etc., may opt to offer these courses as continuing education. To do so, the school must be registered as a CE provider with NCBTMB and have this class listed as one of its CE courses.

Home Study/Kinesthetic/Distance Learning Testing: When a participant is issued a certificate of achievement for a home study/kinesthetic or distance learning course, an evaluation of the student’s knowledge is required. The evaluation may be practical or written, at the discretion of the Approved Provider.

  • Written Evaluation/Test: The instructor must create a test, testing the student’s retention of the material. The student will then submit the completed test to receive a Certificate of Achievement. The grading scale must be posted so students know, in advance, the score they must achieve.
  • Practical Evaluation/Test: An Approved Provider may train proctors in different areas of the country to test students. Each proctor must follow the Approved Providers directions and have outlined the information the Approved Provider would like to test. Proctors and locations must be listed on the Approved Provider’s website or promotional material in advance. Once the student passes the practical evaluation, the Approved Provider may distribute a Certificate of Achievement. The grading scale must be posted so students know, in advance, the score they must achieve.

Course Material for all Courses: When additional course material is required to teach a course in the form of handouts or books that are written by other authors, the material must be sited and books must be purchased for each student attending the course. Copy written material will not be tolerated. Each participant must have their own material. Making copies of books infringes on copyright laws.

Facility Courses are Held: Facilities where courses are held must be clean, have access to bathrooms, and be large enough to house the number of attendees comfortably.

Maintaining Records: All certificates and student information must be kept for at least five (5) years. These files may be kept electronically or in a locked file cabinet. The Approved Provider must be able to supply any person who has taken a course with additional certificates or transcripts upon request.

Promotional Policy: All promotional materials must include the following information:

  • Clearly identify which course offering(s) will be accepted by NCBTMB as continuing education
  • Date(s), time(s) and location(s) of course offering(s)
  • Cost of the course offering(s)
  • The number of CE hours for course offering(s)
  • Prerequisites (if applicable)
  • Name of the person teaching the course(s)
    • If the Approved Provider is an organization, the name of the organization and the instructor that will be teaching the course must be listed
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