How much can/should an Approved CE Provider charge for their courses?

How much can/should an Approved CE Provider charge for their courses?

The fees Approved Providers can or should charge for their CE courses are at the sole discretion of the AP. While NCBTMB does not make any rules or guidelines on this matter, here are a few suggestions when setting your class rates.

Geographical and Facility Location: The geographical location can influence the cost of holding the course, (NY versus Iowa).  A larger conference room at a hotel to accommodate massage tables will be more costly than a smaller classroom rented for a lecture-based course.  Additionally, a company or organization supplying the space and marketing to participants for your class may expect a lower fee for participants.

Supplies: Approved Providers should consider adding additional costs of books and supplies into their final pricing for the course for each participant.

Competitive Pricing: Consider researching what other APs teaching similar subject matter in your area are charging.  You do not need to give away your knowledge, nor do you want to discourage massage therapists from enrolling in your courses, leading to low attendance of your educational opportunities.

Above are a few things which should be factored into your decision on what you will charge for your participants of your courses.  There may be other considerations you will need to think about. NCBTMB does not make any recommendations on any course amount fees.

*Please keep in mind, your course fee must include the use of any special; products, tools, or books needed to complete the course.  While it is okay to sell additional products, tools or books for student use after the class, they cannot be sold during class time, and may not be a requirement to take the course or receive CEs.