What is NCBTMB’s stance on advanced courses?

What is NCBTMB’s stance on advanced courses?

NCBTMB will accept continuing education hours from Approved Providers for advanced science courses that contain content which goes beyond the Massage Therapy Scope of Practice (as defined by each state/legislation) but may be conducive to understanding different systems of the body or human behavior more in depth.

Participation and continuing education hours awarded for completion of the above mentioned course are strictly for the advanced development and understanding in interdisciplinary practices. Massage therapists are only allowed to practice within their professional Scope of Practice (as defined by each state/legislation), and any skills learned in this course are for further development purposes and should not be practiced professionally.

Massage therapists who wish to take these courses may with the understanding that the information was approved by NCBTMB to strengthen the therapist’s knowledge of human science. Massage therapists caught practicing advanced modalities or advising clients in practices that are outside of the massage therapy scope of practice can lose their Board Certification and massage therapy license.

To practice the information learned within advanced science courses, a massage therapist must take additional education and earn a degree in the subject matter.

Approved Providers teaching these courses shall divulge this information to any and all massage therapists taking their courses.

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