Faith Swartzendruber, LMT, Sports Massage Specialty Certificate Holder

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Although I knew I wanted to get into massage as a teenager, I did not pursue a career in massage until I was 32 years old and in possession of a Masters of Education. Touch has always been a natural outpouring of myself, and after seeing a documentary in middle school, I realized that this career path fit who I naturally am.

Even though my 20s took many twists and turns, landing me in the education field, I couldn’t shake the nagging “What about massage therapy?” thoughts. Through the encouragement of a friend, I enrolled in a massage therapy program and became an LMT in 2015.

Through my education as a massage therapist, I not only enjoyed the feedback I got from clients, but a passion for helping clients understand the pain they were experiencing and the way their body works was reignited within me.

I realized that while I appreciate the ability to help clients relax and rejuvenate, I also wanted to understand the way the muscles, bones and fascia work together so that my clients might find permanent relief from the alignments they consistently came to see me for.

Over the last few years, I have attended workshops in Muscle Release TechniqueSM and Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique and most recently obtained my Specialty Certificate in Sports Massage. Through these courses, I have come to realize how intricate the human body is and by recognizing the patterns within the body, I am able to locate the source of pain rather than treat the symptom.

Helping even the youngest clients is also important to me. I became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor in 2016. Teaching parents how to interact with and manipulate their child’s body to relieve pains from typical infant conditions is extremely rewarding.

My practice is steadily growing at this point in time. Only fourteen months into owning Simply Well Studios, I am gaining new clients and retaining clients, as well. It is my pleasure to be involved in my community through educating parents on the importance and benefits of touch, by helping runners find relief after a long race and by talking to community groups about how essential oils can also help them find relief from common complaints.

At this time, I continue to enhance my knowledge of the body, mind and spirit as I become a certified yoga instructor. Although my training is not complete yet, I have learned more about how breath and meditation alongside strength and flexibility to transform the way the body functions.

Obtaining my Specialty Certificate in Sports Massage was important to me because in a community filled with athletes and hobbyists, I quickly realized that the majority of clients were coming to me with specific concerns rather than wanting a general massage. It is only because of the detail-oriented training I have participated in that I am able to help get them back to the life they want to live, pain-free.

With several more opportunities to learn scheduled this summer, I love that I am narrowing my focus to provide better results. It is through the continued education that specialty certifications provide that a massage therapist becomes an expert within his/her practice.

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