Release & Renewal New Year Retreat: Manifesting Your Soul Intentions Through Your 6 Wisdom Areas

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  • Join us as we slow down and tune into the calling of your Soul.

    Through lively discussions, experiential exercises and well-timed creative breaks, you’ll work at a pace designed to keep your fatigue low — and your spirits high.

    Then you’ll release what no longer serves you …

    And renew your connection to the True You.

    This workshop will detail the fundamentals of releasing past situations, current habits, and future worries that inhibit healthy growth, rejuvenation, creativity and effective use of time.

    – Learn to identify and set goals that nurture your life, rather than drain it.

    – Use your voice to enhance your daily energy levels and for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

    – Learn skills including therapeutic use of self in trauma release, discerning healthy boundaries and the development of grounded presence.

    – Practice movement and breathing patterns, for both trauma release and the enhancement of creativity.

    Course outcomes:

    You’ll identify and apply the four elements to creating effective goal-setting intentions.

    You’ll identify forms of resistance to the implementation of goal-setting intentions, and how to gently resolve them using 6 Body Wisdom Areas: the deep heart, gut, pelvis, bones, feet and legs, and integrated brain.

    You’ll take away a powerful and practical conceptual framework for establishing and invoking goal-setting intentions.

    You’ll identify for yourself the daily habits that will keep your goal-setting intentions fresh, and your personal accountability high.

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