Healing the Pelvic Core™

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  • As women we have a unique power of creativity in our reproductive systems. That power is used not only to create new life, but also to bring personal projects into being.
    However, that energy can be blocked by physical, emotional or spiritual trauma to the pelvic floor and the female organs.

    In this course for women, we use guided imagery, movement and guided journeys (all done with clothing on) to heal the pelvic floor, including the vagina and uterus, places that often hold our deepest wounds.

    These wounds include rape, abortions, sexual abuse, childbirth tearing and scars, self-esteem issues and negative images about our femininity.

    Because self-knowledge is important, scientific and anatomic information will also be presented, as well as ongoing self-care using pelvic floor yoga and abdominal massage.
    We’ll also spend time exploring nature — and how our connection to the earth deepens our connection to ourselves.

    Rarely does a course offer the opportunity for the depth of healing that women desire. In these six days you will experience whole new possibilities for renewed feminine energy, greater health, and a deeper sense of pleasure in being a woman.

    In this course, you will:

    • Identify and strengthen the often overlooked connection between the female reproductive system and your personal creativity, energy and goals.
    • Identify ways in which physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma to the pelvic floor and the female organs may block access to your powerful internal resources for increasing energy, creativity and inspiration — and how to release those blocks.
    • Leave with a variety of daily self-care techniques you can offer their clients to enhance their physical, mental and and emotional well-being — and fuel their creativity.

    Learn more at HealingThePelvicCore.com.