Healing From the Core

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  • Do you find your clients often get so far before they hit a wall and don’t progress?

    Are you tired of watching them self-sabotage when you know there’s more you can do?

    You’re not alone. Even the most effective modalities won’t help clients who don’t have access to their deepest inner wisdom — or the personal power to follow it.

    That’s why the new Healing From the Core® Training Program is so important to you as a hands-on practitioner.

    You’ll take away an elegant 8-Step Protocol that complements your current skills beautifully.

    So your clients get the transformation they’re looking for. And you get more clients who are inspired by the results you help them achieve.

    In This Groundbreaking New Workshop, You Will:

    – Take away the 8-step method that removes the inner blocks to deep transformation … in an easy and elegant way.

    – Learn how to lay a foundation of value that motivates clients to commit to working with you right away.

    – Discover the most effective way to start a session … even when that’s different from client to client.

    – Find out how to hold an empowered healing space that does most of the work for you.

    – Practice integrating the body’s 6 Wisdom Areas … so you can help clients integrate theirs. This is the key to true Soul Embodiment®.

    – Discover new ways to dance with your client’s Inner Wisdom … and artfully dissolve resistance.

    – Learn how to deepen each session to bring clarity, ease, profound healing and relaxation to the places your clients need most.

    – Find out the best ways to wrap up your sessions in a timely manner with integrity — helping your clients get closure with tools they can use to resource themselves.

    – Get our word-for-word scripts that tell you what to say (and when to say it) to create long-lasting improvements.

    – Take away techniques to set up sessions that leave your clients feeling grateful and well cared for.

    – And so much more.

    Learn more at HealingFromTheCore.com under Workshops >> Healing From the Core®.