Tok Sen (Ancient Thai Hammer Therapy)

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  • # Tok Sen massage is popularly called “hammer therapy”
    # Tok means to hit and Sen means line and refers to energy pathways.
    # This therapy has its ancient roots in the northern Thailand (called Lanna region)
    # The Tok-Sen therapist employs a wood mallet and wedge; the therapist gently (with two three or four consecutive) taps
    and by continuously working along the lines of the body the therapist intermittently integrates the taps with limited massage therapy (strokes and stretches) from traditional Thai massage.

    # Using mallet and wedge produces penetrating vibrations – which resonate and penetrate through the deep layers of tissue and bones.

    # These vibrations (1) relax stiff bodies, (2) provide pain relief and (3) efficiently releases blockages – thereby significantly increasing flows – within the body