Advanced Studies on the Bach Flower Remedies-Level 2

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  • Mind-Body Health with Flower Remedies
    Restore your own emotional well-being after hours spent with clients.
    Enhance the healing benefits of massage while helping your clients address their stress and emotional states.
    This all-natural system is a safe and gentle complement to any modality. • Three levels of training available • Web and Distance Learning Program options for Level 1 • Approved CE provider (NCBTMB, NCCAOM, ANMCB) Flower essences work well with any other healing modality – no interaction or side effects. This is a three-tier training program on the flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach ranging from introductory level to practitioner training. The program is designed to teach the safe and simple healing system of Dr Edward Bach.

    This is the 2nd tier of a 3 tier program leading to recognition as a Bach Flower Certified Practitioner.

    The Advanced Studies Level 2 is taught by master teachers who are not only practitioners, but who have advanced teacher training and experience working with the flowers.

    Bach Flower Level 2 Advanced Studies will give you:
    -practice and more confidence in choosing the correct remedies via many case studies, video, exercises and discussion with peers
    -a greater depth of understanding about the System
    -a grasp of the subtle differences between remedies, including comparisons and use for type and mood
    -a deeper relationship with the remedies as they directly relate to your own life goals and personality
    -direct application of Dr Bach’s philosophy as it applies to your everyday life

    Level 2 is a practical interactive workshop which focuses on personal awareness and provides students with a chance to exchange experiences with each other. You will explore more deeply the way the essences relate to your life goals and your basic personality, and be guided through the subtle distinctions that can be made between closely related essences. Level 2 is a master-class, and provides the tools and depth you need to gain a further understanding of the system to effectively help others.

    This program is offered both LIVE and as a Distance Learning/Live Webinar

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