The Value of Board Certification

Board Certification means something different to each practitioner who dedicates himself/herself to achieving it. Beyond demonstrating your esteemed level of education and experience, achieving Board Certification also means becoming a part of a growing community of therapists just like you who have chosen excellence.

Whether you’re already Board Certified, in the process of becoming Board Certified, or still considering if Board Certification is right for you, we believe it’s important to hear testimonials straight from those who have achieved it—as well as those who can testament to its true value throughout our profession and beyond.


I became certified in 1999. At the time, it was required by the state of Florida for licensure. I elected to remain Certified because I felt it was important to differentiate myself and my dedication to the practice of massage therapy.  I elected to transition to Board Certification for the same reason. Without massage therapists opting for Board Certification, there would be no funding for a professional board… Becoming Board Certified means that you are committed to the massage therapy profession; it lets clients and other health care professions know that you are qualified. Have a say in the future of our profession by becoming Board Certified.

Jennifer Houle, ND, LMT, BCTMB

Photo of Jill Berkana

As a Massage Therapist, my clients grant me the privilege and honor to touch their entire lives when I work with them. I want to be the best for them, and I won’t settle for less than continual and ongoing refinement of my professional skills and knowledge for my clients and for myself. Board Certification is voluntary, and I choose to reach beyond the minimum requirements of licensure, by meeting the higher and ongoing requirements of Board Certification with the NCBTMB. Furthermore, as an owner of a NCBTMB entry level massage therapy institute, and an approved continuing education provider, I have an ethical responsibility to provide cutting edge and current information for my students. Board Certification ensures that I’m directly connected to the progressive evolution of our profession.

Jill Kristin Berkana, LMT, BCTMB


I chose to become Board Certified because I’m proud to be a massage therapist—and I wanted to let the world know how much I love this profession. I’ve done so much in my career, and I wanted to elevate myself to the next level. Beyond that, I’ve seen a lot of job postings for massage therapists recently that require applicants to be Board Certified. I believe this is the positive direction our profession is headed, and I want to be along for the journey.

Ryan Hoyme, BCTMB

Massage Nerd


Board Certification is new to the massage profession, but it is not new in other professions where it is highly regarded. Achieving Board Certification advanced my career and validated my credibility in the courtroom, where I serve as an expert witness in legal cases involving massage therapists.

Professionals RECOGNIZE and RESPECT Board Certification. It symbolizes commitment, dedication, and expertise. Massage therapists who are Board Certified have gone above and beyond licensure—they have achieved more than minimum requirements. You can expect more from professionals who chose to become Board Certified.

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Susan Salvo, EdD, LMT, BCTMB

Author, Educator, Massage Therapist & Expert Witness