Healing From the Core

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  • Healing From the Core® is a natural, non-invasive therapeutic modality facilitated by trained practitioners.

    Developed by Suzanne Scurlock, author of Full Body Presence and Reclaiming Your Body, the process consists of 3 essential steps:

    Step 1: Helping clients become more grounded, full and connected to vital life force energy by using the attributes of curiosity, awareness and trust.

    Step 2: Cultivating the capacity to assess and track the client, activating their inner cellular healing where needed.

    Step 3: Dissolving the client’s blocks to healing, and encouraging mind-body-spirit integration throughout their system.

    Together, these 3 steps lead to a state of optimum health — and strong, healthy boundaries — that empower clients to engage in all aspects of their lives without burning out.

    Healing From the Core® can be offered as a standalone therapy or as an adjunct to other hands-on healthcare modalities, such as massage and bodywork, physical and occupational therapies.

    To learn more, visit HealingFromTheCore.com.