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Beyond Trigger Points Seminars

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Cathy Cohen, LMT is a National and Florida approved CEU Provider and Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. She provides live webinars, workshops and online advanced massage therapy continuing education. The Going Beyond Trigger Points Connect the Dots System combines trigger point methodologies, integrated with structural integration & postural reeducation protocols. By evaluating the negative effects bad posture inflicts on the fascia system, students gain insight into how fascia creates a rich breeding ground for painful myofascial trigger points.

Cathy is a biologist by training from George Mason University in Virginia, a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist from a 1000 hour training program at Shaw Institute, a graduate of a year-long program in Structural Integration from CORE Institute and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida.

Her unique Connect the Dots System makes it easy for students to upgrade their therapist skill set & gain confidence with effective pain treatment protocols. Students will develop their “Pain Detective” skills to accurately treat myofascial pain – with less effort. Students will integrate trigger point therapy with advanced myofascial massage techniques, neuromuscular stretching & structural integration methods – the “5-Step Protocol”.

Beyond Trigger Point Seminars provide in-depth training in a powerful 3-in-1 Program:
1. Therapists identify the mechanical, systemic and psychological factors that perpetuate the client’s pain condition.
2. The “Beyond” in Beyond Trigger Point Seminars means therapists receive 4-6 weeks of a paced online multimedia Follow-Up Enrichment Program to ensure retention and integration.
3. “Beyond” also means therapists get our exclusive Therapist Self-Care training.

Cathy is an avid dancer in Ballroom, English and West Coast Swing, a long-term Yoga enthusiast, and an experienced meditation practitioner. She has personally guided over 2,600 therapists into the amazing and fulfilling career of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. For reviews of the program visit

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