Rosemarie D Hanan

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Board Certified Therapist Category: Active Isolated Stretching, Clinical Settings, Deep Tissue Techniques, Hot/Cold Stone Massage, Myofascial, Other, Reiki, and Therapeutic MassageBoard Certified Therapist Tags: Certified

  • I graduated from the Virginia School of Massage and became Nationally Certified in 2001. I have been practicing full-time since. I have a full and robust practice and I am grateful that my clients include me in their health and wellness routine.

    I charge for my time 30, 60 or 90 minutes, this is actual time of the massage not the time from in the office to out the door, so if you have a 30 minute massage expect to be here in the office at least 45 minutes. I use every tool I have to relieve your discomfort or address any other reason for seeing me.

    In any session I will use Myofascial Release, switch into Swedish, find a tight muscle- address it with Deep Tissue, feel an adhesion- use TP therapy or Structural Therapy or Cupping Therapy or Hot Stones or all of the above. If I feel that it is needed I will apply an essential oil for stress, pain or inflammation or just because you like the smell of it. I do everything I am capable of to get you feeling as well as possible.

    I know that this policy is why I am blessed with a great clientele that truly values everything I do. My clients appreciate that fact that they always get the best I have, not the best they paid for. I realize that there are Therapist that are paid more for a single massage, however I charge what I feel is a fair amount for my time and make every massage the one that is needed on that day.

    I hope this answers any questions you might have about me, feel free to email me with any additional questions. If you cannot find an appointment time that works with your schedule, please place your name on the wait list and I will contact you if anything opens up.