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Massage for Arthritis & Chronic Pain

Ann Swanson, M.S. in Yoga Therapy, BCTMB, E-RYT500, LMT

My journey started after art school with a trip around the world–studying yoga and Ayurvedic massage in the Himalayas of India and tai chi in China. I returned to the U.S. devoting years to furthering my study of the human body, including taking the pre-med courses and working in a cadaver lab. During this time, I took night classes and became a certified massage therapist through NCBTMB.

I became enamored by the eloquent electric language of human physiology; We are all an intricate network of fibers, fascia, and chemicals communicating within and without. Each of our 37 trillion cells is powerful little universe. Through my studies and experience, it became clear to me that we have a power to heal ourselves and to share healing energy with each other.

My passion developed into working with people with complex cases of chronic pain, particularly arthritis. For years, I worked full-time giving massages and teaching yoga and tai chi/qi gong for arthritis in hospital settings and retirement communities. This gave me so much joy.

This also gave me experience working with other special populations including: dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. I began to see a strong link between all of the chronic diseases: chronic stress. Mind/body practices, including massage, offer a clear anecdote to stress: the relaxation response. The evidence for this is strong.

Addicted to education, I continued on to earn a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy with an emphasis on the growing body of scientific evidence to support mind/body practices. I value the union of the scientific method and ancient intuitive mind/body practices. I believe that it is an exciting time to be alive as these worlds meld into an exquisite descriptive picture of reality. More and more evidence is arising to support what healers like us have known for ages: these practices work! I envision a new wave of consciousness developing in our society, uniting science and heart.

As a professional student, it is only natural that I shift into a professional teacher. Above all, I see myself as a mind/body science educator. In addition to training yoga teachers and therapists, I teach budding massage therapists and am an approved continuing education provider through NCBTMB.

I offer evidence-informed training in:

  • Massage for Arthritis & Chronic Pain (8 CE)
  • Massage Anatomy & Physiology
  • The Science of Massage (A Review of the Research)
  • Massage for the Young at Heart (Geriatric)

My addiction to education continues with my support for Board Certification. NCBTMB provides higher standards to elevate our field. This is important as we build bridges with the modern health care to make these powerful practices more accessible. As a mind/body science educator, I strive to build this bridge. Join me!

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