Lauren Jaekle, LMT, BCTMB

My passion for Massage Therapy started at a young age. My younger sister, Melissa, was born prematurely and has a number of challenges. Our family was told to expect the worst but, fortunately, we saw how physical therapy and massage helped her progress well beyond all expectations. I was amazed to witness how massage relaxed her muscles. It was obvious that without this intervention, she would have remained tight and she would not be able to walk or sit easily.

Douglas Nelson, LMT, BCTMB

My journey in massage therapy began in 1977. I had just finished a year-long training. As I was leaving, my new roommate was a new massage therapy graduate, and asked if he could practice on me. I remember encouraging him that, “If you want to be really good at this, you should practice as much as possible!”

Ann Swanson

My journey started after art school with a trip around the world--studying yoga and Ayurvedic massage in the Himalayas of India and tai chi in China. I returned to the U.S. devoting years to furthering my study of the human body, including taking the pre-med courses and working in a cadaver lab. During this time, I took night classes and became a certified massage therapist through NCBTMB.

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