Suzi Ko

It was never my intent to go to massage school or have anything to do with massage industry.  For me, massage school was that necessary evil that I had to get through in order to obtain licensing to fulfill the destiny that my grandfather laid out for me years before my birth; and even when things were clearly laid out before me, I was not sure that this industry was where I really wanted to be. 

Gloria Coppola Her journey in the healing arts

My life in the healing arts has been a journey to say the least. Leading me through a vast exploration of massage and healing across our planet I could’ve never imagined that it would enhance my life and others in so many ways. As a child, I had an obsession with everything Hawaiian. Growing up in NYC in an Italian family, they couldn't really make sense of this from a 5 year old who had never been to Hawaii. I also loved to dance and sing and I wanted to be a doctor and teach too! How could I possibly do all of this?

Judith Aston of Aston Kinetics

I am delighted to share the early days, influences and development of Aston Kinetics with you.

The development of my work begins with me and my childhood. 

I’ve always been a good mime.  Even as a child of 4 or 5 years old, I would see body movement.  When my mother would come home from work, I would say, “A lady came by this afternoon to see you.”  My mother would ask, “What is her name?”  I would answer, “I don’t know but she walked like this.”  And my mother would smile and know exactly who it was.

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