Assigned School FAQ

A: A school code is a six-digit reference number assigned to a school by NCBTMB. To obtain an assigned school code the primary contact person for the school must:
  • register at the top of the home page
  • complete the personal information page 
  • retrieve the password from the email provided
  • login to the home page
  • verify personal information and click the verify button
  • Complete the Assigned School Code form that can be found within Complete a Form on the left hand side of the page

Please be aware that there are two seperate forms - one for accredited schools and one for non-accredited schools

A student or school’s use of this code enables efficient processing of student applications by NCBTMB. A code that has been assigned to a school indicates that the school’s program meets NCBTMB’s requirements, and consequently, that its graduate’s meet NCBTMB’s eligibility requirements relating to educational background.
A: NCBTMB does not accredit schools—there are several accreditation agencies that are responsible for the accreditation of schools. An NCBTMB assigned school code means that the school has passed NCBTMB’s review process and that students graduating from the school will be eligible to sit for one of NCBTMB’s exams.
500 Hour Break Down
  • 125 hours of instruction in the body’s systems and anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  • 200 hours of in-class, supervised hands-on instruction in massage and bodywork assessment, theory and application instruction
  • 40 hours of pathology
  • 10 hours of business and ethics instruction (a minimum of 6 hours in ethics)
  • 125 hours of instruction in an area or related field that theoretically completes your massage program of study
Accredited School Requirements
  • Completed contact information
  • Copy of your accreditation approval with expiration date
  • Copy of a signed, sample transcript for all massage therapy programs your school offers
  • A breakdown of the curriculum hours
Non-Accredited School Requirements
  • Completed contact information and the 20 questions requested in the application
  • Proof of required business license
  • Proof of business ownership
  • List of instructors and their resumes and qualifications
  • Licenses and credentials of massage therapists (within states that require licensure)
  • Your school’s attendance policy
  • Your school’s program descriptions with course catalog
  • Syllabi outlines for each course
  • Cope of a signed, sample transcript for all massage therapy programs your school offers
  • Breakdown of curriculum hours
A: Schools are required to remain updated with NCBTMB at all times. This is not only to protect students who attend your school but also protect the school from people who may try to falsify your documents. The following information is required to be submitted as it is updated.
  • School name change
  • School address change
  • Curriculum changes
  • Transcript changes
  • Change of contact person
  • Accreditation changes – loss or gain of accreditation
  • School closure
  • Change of ownership
A: The previous owner must contact NCBTMB’s School Outreach department to inform us that the school has been sold. NCBTMB will close the current school code. The new owner must submit a new Assigned School Code Request Form. School Codes are non-transferable between owners.
A: If the school contact name changes, please notify the School Outreach department by submitting the change of information in writing and on the school’s letterhead. Please include in the correspondence the current school code, the name of the new contact, his/her title, the address, the phone number with extension and his/her email address. A school can email, mail or fax the information to NCBTMB. Email to The mailing address is: NCBTMB c/o School Outreach Department, 1333 Burr Ridge Parkway, Ste. 200, Burr Ridge, IL 60527. The fax number is 866-402-1890.
A: Students graduating from a school without an NCB school code will not be able to receive their score reports for the licensure tests and will not be able to attain the Board Certification credential. If you wish to apply to become an NCBTMB Assigned School submit the Assigned School Code Request Form.
A: If a school is found to be selling transcripts to students, working under a fictitious name, employing illegitimate instructors, is/has been involved in any illegitimate or illegal activities, does not meet our minimum requirements, or has lied on an application, NCBTMB reserves the right to permanently deny or revoke a school’s code after fully investigating the allegations. The graduates from that school will not receive a score report if they sit for a licensure test or be granted certification if they sit for the Board Certification test.
A: Beginning in 2013, schools will no longer be required to submit sealed transcripts to NCBTMB for new students. Schools may still mail transcripts to NCBTMB but may also email transcripts to Understand that this email is strictly for transcripts. No other types of emails will be answered through this email.


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