State FAQ

Q: Is NCBTMB a for profit company?
A: NCBTMB is a not-for-profit agency with revenue going back into programs like School and Certificant Compliance, Human Trafficking Initiative, a new Board Certification Credential to aid in elevating the profession, an Approved Provider Program for Continuing Education and Assigned School Program.  These programs benefit the entire industry and support the states’ goal of protecting the public, and NCB's goal of elevating the standards for the profession.
Q: Is NCBTMB ADA compliant?
A: Yes, NCBTMB complies with all federal laws.
Q: How long have NCBTMB’s exams been in use?
A: NCBTMB exams have been in use for 20 years.
Q: How do States receive notification of applicants information?
A: NCBTMB, through our test vendor, provide Official Score Report information through a secure SFTP site that is password protected for each state. Results are posted within 24 hours of an applicant taking and passing an exam.

Q:  How much does NCB charge states to accept their exams?
A: There is no cost to any state for the acceptance of NCBTMB exams.

Q: How do we know that NCB exams are valid for testing entry level knowledge, skills and abilities to safely enter the profession?
Our exams are developed by using best industry practices supported by Pearson Vue—a multi-billion dollar, internationally recognized authority in the test development market. NCBTMB has gone through five iterations of Job Task Analysis of profession review.  The most recent completed in Fall of 2012 with over 8,500 massage professionals participating.  The report is available on our website for your review.

Q: Are NCBTMB’s exams legally defensible?
A: NCBTMB’s exams are all psychometrically sound and undergo rigorous review in order to ensure their integrity.

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