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Online Practice Exam/Study Tool

The NCB Online Practice Exam/Study Tool has been custom designed by massage therapy educators to provide students, teachers and administrators an innovative one-stop exam prep resource center.
  • Get affordable access to thousands of questions with relevant course-specific material.
  • Receive immediate feedback on strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gain confidence and peace of mind going into your exam.
  • Compare the scores of your last three practice exams.
  • Get customizable testing and automated scoring.
  • Receive valuable real-time assessments of student performance.
  • See improvement on overall student performance.
  • Customize the practice exam to simulate the amount of questions in each area that will be covered on your exam.
  • Foster an innovative learning environment that improves performance.
1 month subscription = $59.95
3 month subscription = $79.95
6 month subscription = $109.95
Discounts are offered to people who have purchased on of NCBTMB's examinations by logging into your profile, clicking on "Complete a Form" and choosing the subcription that you want.
Discount Pricing
1 month subscription = $29.97
3 month subscription = $49.97
Bundles of 7 or more subscriptions for 6 months – $69.95 for each subscription.
Use of this program does not guarantee a passing score on any massage therapy exam.