Why Hire an NCBTMB Certified Therapist?

As an employer in the business of massage and bodywork, your reputation rests on the competency of your employees.  
Hiring NCBTMB certified practitioners can give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your business while entrusting your employees to care for your customers. 

Our Certified Therapists Meet Rigorous Qualifications

An NCBTMB credential acknowledges that a candidate for employment possesses a core body of knowledge. It demonstrates the practitioner’s commitment to professional and ethical service, self-improvement through a commitment to lifelong-learning, and a pledge to uphold the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice established by our organization.  The new Board Certified credential will enhance educational and hand-on requirements and require passing a thorough National Background Check.

Your Business Can Benefit from Our Reputation for Quality 

Best of all, employing NCBTMB practitioners can positively benefit your bottom line. Employers often find that certified practitioners attract clients because of the reputation the credential has established within the field – a reputation for quality, integrity and professional service. NCBTMB certification also provides a formal process for filing grievances if a therapist is not in compliance, often relieving employers of the burden of creating a separate disciplinary procedure within their establishment.
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