New Approved Provider Applicants

Once a massage therapist masters a modality or subject the next progressive step is to become an Approved Provider. The applicant must have full knowledge of the course he/she wishes to teach and also have the necessary documentation created before teaching the course which includes:

  • Course description
  • Learning outcomes
  • Syllabi/outline of course 

Before submitting an application to NCBTMB for approval, the applicant must have taught the course at least one time within the last year to a group of five or more participants. The instructor must provide the participants with an evaluation requesting feedback on the course, instruction and material. You may retrieve an evaluation form from

Individual/Organization/Conference-Tradeshow Organization


An individual is defined as one instructor teaching courses. This instructor can have help (assistants) in the classroom and administrative help but is the only person that teaches under the Approved Provider Individual status.


An organization must first use the Organization Check-Off Worksheet, found on the website under CE Provider and also under Compete a Form, once the applicant creates a profile, to consider whether or not this is an organization or not.

An organization is defined as two or more instructors that work under one entity. 7 of the 12 items on the Organization Check-Off Worksheet must pertain to the organization. An organization must have a primary contact person that oversees the entire Approved Provider Organization, its instructors, courses, certificates, rules and procedures and all other aspects of the organization.

Conference – Tradeshow

An organization holding a conference with 4 or more instructors may complete the Conference – Tradeshow portion of the Interim Course Submission form, rather than submitting each course for the conference. The provider will submit the marketing information for the course and list which instructors are currently NCBTMB Approved Providers and which are non-NCBTMB Approved Provider. Once this is complete have each non-Approved Provider submit his/her qualification to teach, along with the courses that each teaches on the Instructor Qualifications form.

How to Apply

  • Go to and at the top of the page click “Register.”
  • Create a profile and click submit.
  • You will receive an account authorization email – (copy the code found in the email, click the link within the email and paste the code into the box)
  • Create a username and password
  • Verify all of your personal information (click the “Verify” button at the bottom of the page).
  • Click “Complete a Form” on the left hand side of the page.
  • Open the “Approved Provider Initial Application” link (complete all of the information and click submit).
  • If applying as an organization please review the “Organization Check of Sheet.”
  • To review the fee structure, open the Approved Provider Fees and Costs page.
  • To review course guidelines and criteria open the Continuing Education Course Criteria page.
  • To review administrative requirements open the Administrative Requirements of Approved Providers page.
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