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Approved Provider Code of Conduct Agreement

As an applicant for approval, I/our organization agree(s) to: 

I. Provide accurate information to the NCBTMB in all transactions to the best of our knowledge. 

II. Assure that course credits are awarded only to certificants who successfully complete the course according to the published requirements. 

III. Conduct the operations and programs in an ethical manner that respects the rights and worth of the clients we serve. 

IV. Use and display the provider statement and logo according to the NCBTMB requirements. 

V. Furnish requested information, work cooperatively with the NCBTMB and pay fees in a timely manner. 

VI. Accept that the NCBTMB audits courses for purposes of compliance with the criteria. 

VII. After due review and comment period, abide by any revisions of the criteria or inform the NCBTMB of any intention to withdraw providership. 

VIII. Maintain compliance with the NCBTMB’s Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and policies and procedures.  

IX. Adhere to the NCBTMB criteria/standards or relinquish the NCBTMB approval status after due process. 

X. Report to the NCBTMB within thirty (30) days any major organizational or program change that impacts the operation of the administrative unit on which provider approval is based.