Valid Forms of Identification

Valid Forms of Identification:

  • Government-issued Driver’s License
  • U.S. Department of State Driver’s License
  • U.S. Learner’s Permit (plastic card only with photo and signature)
  • National/State/Country Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Passport cards
  • Alien Registration Card (Green Card, Permanent Resident Visa)

Unacceptable forms of identification:

  • Any form of ID that is expired, unless it is accompanied by renewal paperwork.
  • If a candidate presents an ID that is expired or invalidated (for example, the corner of the ID has been clipped), you may accept the ID as long as it meets the other ID requirements and is accompanied by paperwork indicating that the candidate has filed for a renewal. The renewal paperwork does not need to contain a photograph and signature.
  • Grace periods can not be recognized or accepted either in registering for the exam or when taking the exam. For example, if a candidate’s driver’s license expired yesterday and the state allows a 30-day grace period for renewing the ID, you must consider the ID to be expired. 
  • International driver’s licenses that are not issued by a government (These are not accepted because many organizations offer fake licenses over the Internet.)
  • Naturalization papers
  • IDs from countries subject to U.S. sanctions 
  • If someone in Texas is in the United States on a visa, the date the visa expires is placed on the Texas driver’s license in red. The date the visa expires may be different than the date the license expires. 
  • If the candidate presents a driver’s license from the state of Texas and the visa is expired, as indicated in red on the license, the license is considered expired and the candidate should not be permitted to test using the ID. In such cases, candidates will be permitted to go get a renewal at the DMV if they can do so within the standard 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment. If the candidate’s driver’s license shows an expired visa date but the license itself is still good and they bring in the renewed visa showing it is now good, the candidate will be permitted to test.

Sanctioned Countries:
Test delivery services may not be provided to candidates from the countries below: 

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Sudan
  • Syria

Detailed information about U.S. sanctions can be found at the US Department of Treasury website.
If the candidate presents primary or secondary identification from one of the countries above, the candidate will be required to provide proof of primary residence in the U.S. or another non-sanctioned country.

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