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Recertification Requirements

All recertification will be accomplished through the online Career Management System.  If you have not already done so, you will need to create an account on our Career Management System.

National Certification (Retired after Dec. 31, 2012) 

Note that the National Certification credential was retired as of December 31, 2012; if you recertified this credential before that date, it can be maintained through the earlier of your expiration date or December 31, 2016.
Current Nationally Certified Practitioners will need to transition into the new Board Certification by their expiration date.

The requirements to transition are as follows:

  • 750 Hours of total education. Submit your massage therapy transcripts. If your school does not meet the 750 hour requirement, we will accept continuing education that you have completed in the past and any courses taken from an accredited college or university.
  • 250 hours of hands on work experience. The work experience can be used since the time you became certified.
    • These hours must be professional hands on work performed after the therapist begins working legally within his or her state.
    • 25 hours may be volunteer work.
  • Maintain a current CPR Certification.
  • Copy of a valid government ID.
  • $85

Once you have transitioned and become Board Certified you will need to follow the Board Certification Recertification requirements.

Board Certification Recertification (Effective as of January 1, 2013)
Recertification is a vital part of how we maintain the ongoing integrity of the NCBTMB credential and you affirm your commitment to lifelong learning, an essential component. NCBTMB Board Certified practitioners must renew their certification every two years. 
Board Recertification Requirements
Once you have transitioned into Board Certification the new renewal period is 24 CEs and 100 hours of work experience in a 2 year period.
To recertify as a Board Certified Massage Therapist, practitioners must: 
  • $85
  • Pass a thorough national background check
  • Maintain a current CPR certification
    • Hours for CPR training may not be counted toward your 24 hours of Continuing Education required for recertification
  • Re-affirm commitment to the NCBTMB Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Re-affirm commitment to the NCBTMB Anti-Trafficking Pledge
  • Complete 100 hours of documented hands-on experience
    • Massage Therapy and/or Bodywork (all types, includes Energy work
    • Volunteerism
    • Administration
    • Teaching/Teaching Assistant
    • Curriculum Development
    • Writing/Publishing
    • Research
  • Complete 24 hours of Continuing Education classes:
    • 3 hours of the 24 hours must be in research
    • 3 hours of the 24 hours must be in ethics
    • No more than 4 hours of the 24 hours may be in self-care
You may submit your 24 continuing education and 100 hours of work experience for recertification up to one year prior to your certification expiration date.

Board Approved Continuing Education Providers

Continuing education courses will only be accepted from an NCBTMB Approved Provider or an NCBTMB Board Approved Continuing Education Provider. Search for NCBTMB Board-Approved CE Providers by number, name, title, keyword, state or category.