October 30, 2015
Thanks to all who joined us for the latest event in our webinar series! On Thursday, October 29th, 2015, Dr. Leena S. Guptha, Board Chair, and Donna Sarvello, VP of Educational Support, hosted Dawn Hogue, COMTA Chair, to discuss all things accreditation.
October 27, 2015
For many of us, Halloween is the first time of the year we convince ourselves it is okay to have an extra piece of candy. Or two. Or three. Then, by Christmas time, we are left wondering how we so easily gained those few extra pounds, or why we feel so tired all of the time. Throughout this blog, I will:
September 29, 2015
With school back in session, it’s no surprise to see your local students (perhaps even one of your own!), kids, or grandkids with backpacks stuffed to the brim with binders, books, and supplies. Naturally, as students mature, so will the positioning of the backpack. Enter middle school or high school, and gone are the days of “double strapping” it (i.e. wearing the backpack on both shoulders) and in come the days of slouching the backpack on one shoulder—the “cool” thing.
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