Become an NCBTMB Assigned School

Congratulations on taking the next step toward preparing your students for a successful career in the massage therapy and bodywork profession! NCBTMB works with schools like yours to ensure programs reflect a national standard of excellence—and is reflected as such by a unique NCBTMB Assigned School Code, awarded upon meeting or exceeding the requirements listed below.

To receive an Assigned School Code, you will be required to submit an application proving your school is legitimate, operating legally, and meets our minimum curriculum requirements. Keep in mind that an Assigned School Code is required for all students/graduates of your school’s massage therapy program(s) to sit for the Board Certification exam. Students may not achieve Board Certification if your school does not have this code.

There’s more! Now, NCBTMB Assigned School status unleashes a world of possibilities (literally!) with first-ever international massage and specialty certifications through our partnership with ITEC. Click here for more information.

Minimum 500-hour curriculum requirements include:

  • 125 hours of instruction in the body’s systems and anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology,
  • 200 hours of in-class, on-campus, supervised hands-on instruction in massage and bodywork assessment, theory, and application instruction,
  • 40 hours of pathology,
  • 10 hours of business and ethics instruction (a minimum of 6 hours in ethics), and
  • 125 hours of instruction in an area or related field that theoretically completes your massage program of study.

Cost to become an NCBTMB Assigned School:

  • None—it’s FREE!

How to apply online:

  • Visit and click “Register” on the top left to create a username and password.
  • Once logged in, click “Complete a Form” under the “Forms & Applications” section.
  • Click the “Assigned School Code Form” applicable to your institution (Accredited or Non-Accredited).
  • Complete all necessary information and submit.

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